You just had lunch at work and of course something would like to get stuck between your teeth.

There are quite literally more than enough machines found in a public bathroom now. Aside from the typical vending machines and hand dryers, you may have seen a hair dryer/ straightener that works for 10mins or so if you put £2 in it.

What if…they would do something for dental floss? Half a metre for 10p? In a moment of desperation I would gladly put some pennies in there, the same moment when you are getting annoyed at yourself for eating corn/ spinach/ sesame/ chewy meat etc, etc. in your lunchtime. Of course this would also happen when you have some form of meeting scheduled right after lunch.

I would have to question about the hygiene level of the floss even when most would be inside a dispenser of sorts. After all, you have to put this inside your mouth…mmm, or would the overpowering mint flavour completely make you forget that some of it had dealt with the elements of a public bathroom? Then again, toilet papers are right next to the loo and you still you them to wipe your private parts…

What is your introspection?

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